Navigating life with chronic pain, anxiety and cPTSD has been a fairly lonely journey. I definitely have PhD in suffering, and learning not-suffering, and am highly experienced in the challenges of having invisible illnesses. I have also studied Buddhism, and Astrology with the Sydney School of Astrology.

Adding my interest in psychology, working with schemas, studying personality and the cause and effects of trauma, and I am now offering Natal/Birth Charts professionally. The combination of study, personal experiences and interests, presents me with the unique opportunity to use Astrology to intentionally help others, not only in understanding who they truly are, but also how to move forward through life thriving, not just surviving.

I am a Taurus, for which the Zodiac symbol is the Bull. For years, pop astrology has depicted the Bull as someone who loves money and the material possessions it can buy, and someone who is stubborn. That's pretty much it.. oh and loyalty, to a fault. I remember the very first time I connected with my self. And how much I had misunderstood who I really was. To suddenly realise I could actually like myself. Even love myself... I had started studying Astrology, and we were discussing the sign Taurus, the Bull. A warm, loving glow in my heart for my traits and nuances, so often misunderstood by myself as well as others, spread around me and I relaxed. I felt hope. And curiosity.. give me more..

Imagine this interpretation of the Bull,"The tranquil one, standing solitary beneath a spreading April oak, quietly surveying grass and sun, cattle and earth. Nothing frightens him. Gone is the fearsome posturing of the Ram (Aries). The Bull is so in control of his world, so far beyond fear that fearlessness itself has become meaningless to him. The Arian war has been won. Taurus is at peace." Forrest, Steven. The Inner Sky: How to Make Wiser Choices for a More Fulfilling Life (p. 47). Seven Paws Press. Kindle Edition.

"Tranquil, solitary, trees, (oaks are actually very special to me), quiet, just looking, grass, sun, animals, earth... no posturing, no strutting, just serene control, beyond fear.. peace.."